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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Essence of Being S E X Y !

• YOU’RE SEXY … YOU’RE HOT… Not to be overly confident but I hear these phrases spoken to me so many times… A compliment ? a Taste of Lust? .What do they really imply? Do they mean it … or there’s a hidden agenda behind these compliment..Guess it really depends how and who said these right??? What is really the essence of being called Sexy ? or being Sexy for that matter??? I'll be honest, I don't have a complete handle on "How To Be Sexy" yet, but I've got a pretty darn good one.
I read in one Article that being successful at being sexy is a decision, a choice--regardless of your age, your size, your ethnic background, your educational background, or current economic situation. Regardless of media trends there is no one absolute standard for what is sexy either--who each of us finds sexy is a matter of personal taste. While there are some people a lot of us find quite sexy, no one person is going to be sexy to everyone. The important kind of "being sexy"--the one that can't be destroyed by a bad hair day a blemish, or not being at your ideal weight--is the kind you feel within yourself, because you like who you are, and you're happy to share it with others (most especially your lover). Being truly sexy means you accept yourself. E
Easier said than done! Allowing yourself to be truly sexy from the inside out is no small feat--it's a lot of work, the most of which isn't cosmetic--it's reprogramming how you think and feel about yourself. Time and time again, year after year, I read of how people have had plastic surgery to fix some perceived flaw in their facial features only to see no change afterward--why? Because they haven't changed how they essentially feel about themselves, because the changes, though expensive and painful to go through, were only skin deep. Yes, a great new hairstyle, loosing weight, getting into better shape, and buying stylish new clothes, will all make you feel better and sexier--but if you only make those changes on the outside, and don't combine it with a change in attitude about yourself on the inside, you'll quickly go back to your old ways. Think about it, haven't you set a goal to improve your appearance, or loose weight, for a high school reunion, or a special event? Chances are you reached your goal, and looked great, and got lots of compliments, but after the big "to do" wasn't there a bit of a let down when you went back to your same every day life? And didn't you slip back into your old habits rather quickly? If we don't start with the inside, chances are we won't make the best decisions about how to really be "the best sexiest you" on the outside--you'll be easily swayed by the opinions and ideas of others regarding what makes the "sexiest you".
You'll take the advice of whoever has the loudest good intentions. We've all made that mistake before haven't we? Only to get home from the mall and wonder, "what in the world was I thinking?" Personally I'm accepting that it's okay for me to dress up as sexy as I want when I'm in the mood for that, and no, there isn't that huge of a difference between me with make-up and me without after all. I still need to work on my sexuality from the inside and really accepting that it's about my own enjoyment too, and not just about giving. I don't need to always be in control either--scary but true! So what is really the essence of being sexy? , The answers will differ depending on who you ask,: Sexiness is an elusive quality, springing from intelligence and demeanor, perceived very strongly by some and going completely unnoticed by others, in any given individual.
Sexiness in someone else is a combination of any number of your favorite aspects of an ideal person, both physical and behavioral, and it flickers on and off subtly but very powerfully, and often startles you). It is sometimes enough to make you forget what you were saying, trip over your own feet, choke on whatever you were drinking, or drop things.
Sexiness in yourself is whatever causes that reaction in other people. You might never know what exactly you did--it could have been shifting gears with manual transmission, sipping milk from the carton, or turning your wrist to glance at the time--but you'll probably learn that the more comfortable and secure and happy you seem, the more attracted people will be to you in general. So is being sexy our own fault? Well, you can try to be sexy (perfume, coy glances, innuendos), and if it works, then yes, it's our fault--or our credit, as the case may be. Or, perhaps you weren't trying at all, but someone fell for you anyway. Okay, then it isn't our fault, but it's still one of our charms .And if you were trying to be sexy, but failed--well, avoid that at all costs. That's just sad….

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